About Us


I am Fleur, My family and I live in mid Wales and love being outdoors. The brands I pick for our shop in Llandeilo are ready for the outdoor life and playing!

My journey with organic cotton started when my daughter became ill at 2 years old. She had developed a brain tumour, as soon as it was spotted she was operated on and they managed to save her life, thank goodness! It was a terrible time for us as a family and I am happy to chat to anyone going through the same thing but....it was afterwards when I became aware of a healthier way of living and the benefits!

We became more aware of what we needed and what we used and our environmental impact! I found out the health benefits for wearing organic cotton on our skin and the process of how it was produced using much less water. My daughter suffered with eczema and the clothes were so soft for her it really helped! (She is now 10 and still mostly wears organic but also anything cool and teenager like!) 

When my little one came along I already had some knowledge but did not realise how much was out there now for babies and young kids! He wears cloth nappies now which was a new skill to learn but fun. He is of course always dressed in our brands being a fab little brand rep. 

I started the shop because when I had little man, there was not many shops where I could buy ethical clothing for him and I wanted to feel and see the items! I also could not see much boy stuff in ranges. So I decided to open a shop myself as I could not find anything nearby. 

I am so glad we did, we have made it a proper little family business. The kids are often found in the shop helping out and of course my eldest helps me pick out items to sell. My husband is a great behind the scenes man, can be seen in the shop sometimes but we usually send him out for lunch! He also keeps mummy sane with chocolate. 

So that is a little about us, we can’t wait to meet you all or see your pictures of your little ones sporting Tipi Bach things. So far we have loved having our little business. We really do welcome any feedback and comments you have to make this a wonderful kids clothing boutique in Llandeilo and surrounding areas and of course, online for you all. 

See you soon X Fleur and Family